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The K3 Marriage Visa and China Marriage connection

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China Fiance Visa As you will see, the immigration time line for a Chinese spouse has increased over the past five years. Expert K-1 visa preparation support to help prepare your I-129F petition for your Chinese Fiancee to USA. K-3 spouse visa I-130 and USCIS Green Card Adjustment of Status..

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China Marriage and the K3 Marriage Visa

Author: WendBran

As you will see, the immigration time line for a Chinese spouse has increased by a few months over the past five years in part from the work load of our U.S. Consulates overseas. The same waiting time applies to the K1 Fiancee Visa as they are both based on an approved I-129F Petition.

China Marriage For U.S. Citizens 2005 - 2009

To give you an example of the immigration time line changes I\'ll give you actual case studies from the couples we have helped at China Marriage 101 and my own marriage in China in 2005. On February 28th, 2005 I married my wife Xiaoying at her home town in Nanning, China. Two months later when I returned to the U.S. I filed my first paperwork with the United States Citizens and Immigration Service (USCIS). After providing all the documentation and filing the necessary Petitions with my regional USCIS office my case was sent to the National Visa Center in Portsmouth, NH and I was sent an approval notice telling me my case would be forwarded to the U.S Consulate in Guangzhou, China. This phase of the K3 Marriage Visa process took a little over 3 months.

U.S. Consulate in China - Interview For The K3 Marriage Visa

The U.S. Consulate in China received the approved Petitions and supporting documents from the National Visa Center for their review. It was 4 months later that my wife received the first of 2 letters. The first letter came to her with a packet of forms and instructions on how to apply for the K3 Marriage Visa. She was to report for a medical exam, and send back to them the required forms and fees. She was to include a Registered Marriage Certificate, Death or Divorce Certificates from any previous marriages, a Passport to the United States, Proof of Financial Support (Form I-134 Affidavit of Support) provided by the U.S. sponsor, Clear Criminal Law Certificate from all places of residence since the age of 16 along with the forms for the K3 Marriage Visa application.

One month after the U.S. Consulate received the information back from my Chinese spouse they sent her the second letter informing her to appear for an interview. From the time I filed my first paperwork with USCIS to the date my wife received a K3 Marriage Visa to enter the United States covered a time line of 8 months. She arrived in Chicago on December 23, 2005.

Immigration Time Lines For a China Marriage in 2009

A China marriage for a U.S. Citizen and the process for the K3 Marriage Visa has increased by a few months in 2008-2009. The couples we have helped and the many that contact me report 12-14 months before a Chinese spouse receives a K-3 Marriage Visa to enter the U.S. This immigration time line is the same for U.S. Petitioners applying for the K1 Fiancee Visa. Both the K1 and K3 U.S. Consulate interviews are based on an approved I-129F Petition and there is no advantage to one being quicker. This may go against what some will tell you but in resent years the laws have changed and the facts are in the proof. We find that the final goal of a foreign spouse obtaining the 10 year Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) to Citizenship is quicker and less money by way of the K3 Marriage Visa.

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