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Chinese Visa applicants face Denial unless prepared to meet higher local standards

Visa Coach Fiancee Visa Support

Chinese K-1 or Fiancee Visas

China Fiance Visa preparation help

China Fiance Visa Chinese Fiancee Visa applicants must be prepared to meet higher standards to prove the bona fides, of their genuine relationship. Local cultural biases cause frequent denials. Expert K-1 visa preparation support to help prepare your I-129F petition for your Chinese Fiancee to USA. K-3 spouse visa I-130 and USCIS Green Card Adjustment of Status..

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A group of Immigration attorneys who help prepare and submit Fiancee K-1 and Spousal K-3 visas are rallying together to complain and lobby against apparent procedural problems at the US visa section, Guangzhou China.  In reviewing their in-house data, and then combining this data across the different firms, they believe their statistics demonstrate that the Visa Section in Guangzhou is denying an abnormally high percentage of K-1 and K-3 petitions.

The attorneys assertion is that the visa officers in Guangzhou are over zealous in applying a higher standard than is official State Department policy. They believe this has resulted in Petitions which routinely would be approved at any other consulate, being unfairly denied in Guangzhou. Based on their own review of the denied cases, the attorneys have intuited the following list of extra-ordinary reasons they believe K petitions were denied in Guangzhou.

  • No English, No Visa.
  • One Visit, No Visa.
  • Marriage on First Visit, no Visa.
  • Very Large Age Different, No Visa.
  • Three or More marriages by Petitioner, No Visa.

These are the apparent "Red Flags" when applying for the Fiancee or Spousal visa in China.  It seems that these could also negatively influence the consideration of your petition in other countries as well. To "err" on the safe side, I would suggest to any couple to strengthen the appearance of their genuine relationship, by addressing some of the issues listed above.

  • Enroll the Fiancee in English School if her English is weak.
  • Take a second trip.  Enjoy a second or third visit, spend face to face time  together.

In the case of the denied petitions, true love finally won out. Each denied Fiancee couple, got married, in China, then applied again, this time for an IR1or CR1 visa, and after long delays, these were granted.

For more information on Fiancee or Spousal Visas visit VisaCoach.com