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Marry a Chinese Woman

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China Fiance Visa Not only the number of workers going to China is increasing every year, but also there are more and more foreign-related marriages year by year. Expert K-1 visa preparation support to help prepare your I-129F petition for your Chinese Fiancee to USA. K-3 spouse visa I-130 and USCIS Green Card Adjustment of Status..

Would You Like to Marry a Chinese Woman

Author: Carrie Diana
China's economic development is like a huge magnet, attracting all kinds of "foreigners." Not only the number of workers going to China is increasing every year, but also there are more and more foreign-related marriages year by year. A foreign friend from Australia told me about his purpose of going to China: First, take a look at China's development. Second, look for opportunities for personal development. Third, find a Chinese wife .For his friend had just married a Chinese woman, who has black hair, big eyes and delicate skin, and gentle personality, and is also a reliable partner. Watching them live happily, he also has the idea of marrying a Chinese woman. Why Chinese women are so charming? What kind of qualities do we appreciate from them?

Black Hair
The fever of color gradually dominates the people's lifestyle. But in our eyes, black hair has some special meanings : mysterious, sexy, subtle, and attractive. In my opinion, if a Chinese woman has black silk-like hair, she is just as beautiful as a angel. Maybe most of foreigners who like Chinese black long-haired women are Canadian. Shawn ,an 28-year-old exporter, confirmed this point. He said that the perfect Chinese women are brave, confident, smart, of course, must be pretty with black long hair. if there is chance, he will not miss it.

Peter, a 35-year-old guy from Italy, has been living in China for 5 years. He is quite proud of getting married to a Chinese beauty with small eyes and thin lips. When being asked: "Do you think your wife is pretty?" He just gives a very typical Italian-style smile: "Of course! In my opinion she is perfect. Her appearance expresses a delicate aroma of the mysterious Orient. In Italy, my friends say she is beautiful! ", and Peter appreciates his wife's sense of humor, "Communicating with her always makes you feel pleasant ". In his mind, the most attractive girls must be humorous, and he explains that humor is the most attractive quality, not only in Italy, but also in China. Probably, to most Chinese people, they think that Chinese girls are very subtle and gentle. But if you are a foreigner and goes to China, you will have a different experience and raise a different point of view.

Implicitness is one of Chinese women's traditional virtues. It means a little shy, mysterious, and it has a rich connotation. James , , a 30-year-old Italian-American, has been in China for half a year. He boasted that he is well aware of Chinese culture. He said that the images of Chinese women in Zhang Yimou's films are the basic image of rural women. and the women in the cities are more representative. Even though the United States will have a lot of Chinese women soon, but he still wants to go to china to look at the traditional images of Chinese women. Once being there, James says it is the implicit Chinese girls that most attract him. This is probably his feeling towards China. Terence, a 32-year-old Canadian and graphic designer, says Chinese women have their own charms, and they are, just as what Chinese people say, intelligence, but they are not exposed in the United States.

Subtle elegance and gentle tenderness, these are all unique charms of women. Chinese women's gentility is quite traditional, and in the eyes of our foreigners, gentility is our admiration. Steve Clinton, the professor of Virginia University of North America,, is a sophisticated man, and he has a Chinese wife, a pretty gentle woman. His love of Chinese women's gentility is from his heartfelt appreciation. But most of time the feeling towards charm can be changed. When they arrived in China for the first time, Steve found that the northern women are very beautiful, such as long legs, and their beauties are quite similar with American women. However, after being in China for a while, the Southern women, who are just like fairies walking out of the draw with gentle temperament, deeply touch him .He usually praises it with his eyes shinning: "Sichuan girls are really beautiful. No wonder there is an old Chinese saying "you'd better not go to Sichuan, it wouldn't help to your career '." In other words, too many beautiful girls will distract you. This may be related to the beauty of Sichuan.

Hello.I am Carrie Diana, like travel, especially China. And the happiest thing for me during traveling is fashion collection, especially watches and handbags . I would also like to sare everything about China with you, for I love the culture of this country and knows a lot about it.